Family Fun Activities #3

Family Fun Activities #3

Posted by Jeffrey Spring on Apr 15th 2020

Last Week's Trivia Answers
QUESTION: What was the name of Uncle Jesse's moonshine car? ANSWER: Black Tilly / Sweet Tilly
BONUS QUESTION: What was the name of Boss Hogg's moonshine car? ANSWER: Gray Ghost
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We are learning a lot of cool facts from all your trivia questions!

This week's first question came from Matthew Koch. Bonus question came from Dawson Whitehead (Happy Birthday, Dawson!). We will be emailing them a coupon code good for $25 on

QUESTION: What was the cover charge at the Boars Nest?

BONUS QUESTION: If Rosco gets his usual 50% of 50% of 50% of 50% of Boss Hogg's $500 smackaroons, how many smackaroons does Rosco get?

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