Cooter's 25th Anniversary Festival Press Release

Cooter's 25th Anniversary Festival Press Release

Jun 8th 2024


We've got a big shindig coming up in a few months and it promises to be a very special occasion for "Hazard Nation". Although it seems almost impossible for me to believe, this coming summer we are going to celebrate 25 years of good times, good music, and great mends at cooters Place.

25 years??!! How can that be?! It seems like just a couple of years ago when we opened our first little store out on a country highway near Sperryville, Virginia. But now, that little “mom and pop” store is known all over the planet and folks have come to our shops and events from every state in the nation, every continent on the planet and from over 40 foreign nations. What everyone seems to have in common is a deep affection for the basics of country living and an appreciation of family and of the basic values that our show stood for. Those values of fair play, of doing the right thing, and of making the right moral choice even when it might be risky are values that reflect the best of our nation and our people.

And if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it ten thousand times, “This is the kind of clean family show that we need more of” and “I used to watch this show with my parents, and now I watch it with my kids…”

I believe that this is really something to celebrate, and we are going to do just that on the weekend of July 19th through July 21st at our store in Luray, Virginia. That is still aways off, but so far we expect to have Catherine Bach (Daisy), Tom Wopat (Luke), Rick Hurst (Cletus Hogg), Jeff Altman (Huey Hogg) and the great Whey Jennings. You can also bet that there will be a very large gathering of General Lees and Hazzard County Police Cars, “Cooter’s Garage Band”, and some special musical guests that will be announced as we get closer to that weekend.

Everybody probably knows the old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” There’s a lot of truth in that, but the last 25 years have flown by faster than the General jumping across a river. Whoosh! But here we are, still “making our way the only way we know how”!

P.S.: There will not be any admission to this event, but lots of stuff for sale, of course!

Y’all come, Ben and Alma