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New CD Ben Jones “Southern Accents” (Autographed by Ben “Cooter” Jones)

New CD Ben Jones "Southern Accents" (Autographed by Ben "Cooter" Jones)



You save $5.00 (33%)!

Autographed by Ben “Cooter” Jones


  1. Southern Accent
  2. Green Light On The Southern
  3. Lady Came From Baltimore
  4. Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye
  5. Moon River
  6. Red Cadillac and A Black Mustache
  7. Dixie Medley
  8. Mystery Train
  9. The Morning Side Of The Blue Ridge Mountains
  10. Think It Over
  11. You Are Here
  12. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  13. The Southern States That I Love

Produced By Robby Meadows and Ben Jones

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