Cooter’s General Lee Pencil (Orange)

Cooter's General Lee Pencil (Orange)

$1.49 — $5.99

$0.99 — $4.99

You save $0.50 — $1.00 (17% — 34%)!

Any Hazzard Nation fan from preschool to high school.  Will love showing there Cooter’s Place pencils with Cooter’s General Lee graphics. Each exclusive, soft, graphite-core formula gives you extra-smooth performance. Pencils are crafted from premium, sustained yield wood and are easy to sharpen. Great addition to back to school supplies and workplace.

  1. Exclusive graphite core formula that offers extra smooth writing performance
  3. Premium wood – crafted from sustained yield forests – for easy sharpening
  4. Top quality latex-free soft rubber eraser provides clean corrections
  5. PMA Certified non-toxic

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